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Singapore Mrt Map

is a website designed to provide useful information about Stations in Singpore. With, you can easily search stations as well places to visit. The MRT Map (Mass Rapid Transit), also known as the subway or metro, mrt map forms the backbone of the city's mass transit system. With about 2.4 million riders per day, taking the MRT Map is one of the most popular... There may be more backpackers coming to but, collectively, they remain MRT Map very much a niche market. Thankfully for such MRT Map travelers, there are hostels here that offer Singapore MRT Map budget rooms that cost around $20 to $50 per night....Travelers who first visited Sing, it has not satisfied if not visit the Merlion Park. Here is where the Merlion is a statue of a lion, the Merlion Park in the CBD area.

Standing at 8.6metres high, the Merlion statue is a famous icon not to be missed at the Merlion Park! The Merlion has a lion’s head and a fish’s body and it is a mythical creature designed for the Sing Tourist Promotion Board. “Mer” refers to the sea, and the lion, relates to the tale of how the Srivijayan prince, Sang Nila Utama encountered the lion during his hunting trip on the island. The fish tail represents Sing’s humble beginning as a fishing village when it was called Temasek.

Thousands of tourists gather each year at the Merlion Park to witness this magnificent statue as water gushes out from its mouth – a concept thought by Kwan Sai Kheong and crafted by Lim Nah Seng. Today there are 5 Merlion statutes built around Sing, with two of them located in Merlion Park, one 11-storey high Merlion TowerFaber Point of Mount Faber and the last one located outside Sing Tourism Board office at Tourism Court.

There's little to do here other than take cheesy photos and enjoy the views across to Marina Bay Sands.

You can visit this place after shopping at Orchard Road. Ride the bus or on foot, came you in the Merlion Park. Do not forget to take pictures!

A cluster of cafes and restaurants are nearby to feed the tourists, but for a cheaper treat look for the ice cream carts: a Sing-style ice cream sandwich is only S$1

One million visitors a year make the trip to the Merlion Park to photograph this world famous icon and Sing beautiful surroundings.


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